German Red Cross & Army Medical Corp


We an a wholly unique and one-of-a-kind unit - pioneering the active participation of all members to perform medical skits and scenarios for the public at a close range!


Our women are just as elbow's deep in the blood and grime as the men...wrapping wounds, setting limbs, giving vaccines and removing shrapnel. After each battle, we show an active display of triage and emergency medicine - with the wounded taken care of and the dead gently cared for, our DRK girls also act as humanitarians to hand out cookies and cigarettes during the post-chaotic reprise.


In our downtime between battles, we have an active hospital display to educate the public. Most people don't realize how much of a social hub the field hospitals were. A place for recuperation and morale building. Where coffee runs freely and there's always something cooking over the fire. Music playing and card games helped to distract the men from the horrors of war. 


Please explore this site to see more of what we do! 


Honoring those who served, those who fought to save the dying and wounded behind front lines. 


Bringing history to life through realistic medical skits at the German field hospital. 


Engaging with the public to help all better understand a new point of view, the one behind the battle.